B2B telephone lead generation is enhanced through the use of AI technology. AI can be used to analyze and interpret data to identify patterns and make predictions about which prospects are most likely to become customers. It can also help with personalizing messaging to target those prospects in a more effective way.

A.I. Teleprospecting Tools

Smart Dialer

Higher reach rate, increase conversations, recognize live versus voice mail

Data Intelligence Platform

Used for pre-call research utilizing machine learning algorithms databases to verify and update data on a regular basis, ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date. Helps to identify and target your ideal prospects. These insights include company and contact information, firmographic data, technographic data, behavioral data, direct, mobile phone, and emails.

News Aggregator

Used to conduct pre-call discovery for company profiling. Crowdsourced data, machine learning algorithms, and web analytics platform to deliver up-to-date information (latest news, article, PR releases, announcement per company)

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